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Our Programs

Tiny Amigos Daycare curriculum maximizes each child's development potential. We value the unlimited potential of all children and the dedication and commitment of parents and staff required to realize that potential. Honesty, integrity and trust are the foundation for all our relationships.

Our goals and objectives are for your child to:
  • develop awareness of and respect of individual differences.
  • learn to interact positively with others and thereby develop good social skills.
  • develop intellectually through experience and instruction.
  • develop independence and feeling of personal self-worth and self-control.
  • develop language, communication, written and social skills.
  • create awareness and respect for the environment and animals.
  • develop good health and nutritional habits.
  • promote the health and well-being of the children.
  • support positive and responsive interactions among the children, parents, child care providers and staff.
  • encourage the children to interact and communicate in a positive way and support their ability to self-regulate.

We believe in a loving environment that respects the individuality of each child. We find through effective communication and a challenging program children are happy and cooperative. By recognizing children's differences in age, temperament, experiences and offering a program that sets limits, children's behavior becomes more manageable. A variety of approaches will be used to help children learn self-control. These include:
  • patiently reminding children of limits when needed.
  • role modeling appropriate behavior.
  • providing choices for children to facilitate problem solving.
  • redirect when possible.

Our programs uses play themes to guide learning and to provide a program to meet the needs of the children. Tiny Amigos Daycare engage children in areas of learning and support children as they move throughout the years. We believe childhood creativity enriches curiosity, imagination and experimentation. When children participate in creative activities they learn to:
  • focus their attention on a project, idea or activity.
  • feel joy and satisfaction from doing creative projects.
  • problem solve, experiment and analyze what works best.
  • break a big project into little parts.
  • be flexible and collaborative with others.

For toddlers, creativity is mostly messing about with materials, supplies, instruments and costumes to see what they can make or do in short, little spurts of time. Toddlers are curious all day long. When they walk into a room they survey the situation to see what they can get into. When they see something appealing they instantly touch it, shake it, or tip it upside down. Then in a moment something else catches their eye and off they go. While toddlers are oozing with curiosity they will only sit for short stretches of time. But these short moments of focused creative activities are a perfect time to introduce all different types of creativity like art, music, dance, building-block creations and storytelling.

Pre-schoolers and school-aged children have heightened awareness, more vivid imaginations, creative thinking skills, physical capabilities and a longer attention span, so the sky is the limit on what they can imagine and create. Pre-schoolers like theatrics, to pretend and love to try new art materials. They have fun with building and construction and are much more capable of using tools and materials than toddlers. They are keen listeners and delighted by storytelling. They are drawn to music and dance enjoying the fun of movement, singing and music making. They imitate what they see others doing and love to engage in art, dress-up, music, dance, puppet shows, and pretend play. The children will experience the joy and satisfaction of creating with others.

Pre-schoolers creativity have physical capabilities for manipulating tools, materials and instruments to create in art, music, building, dance and theatrics. They also enjoy creative writing and storytelling projects. Children this age notice habits, peculiarities, funny expressions and routines of the people in their world. They are excellent problem solvers and can follow instrucitons.

Infant Programs

We believe babies learn by consistent loving attention, discovering and exploring their world around them, imitating what others do, repeating and practicing actions and words.

Our infant programs offer a unique blend of all these activities which allow infants to develop at their own level of achievement and growth. Infants learn by touching, tasting, and moving supporting their freedom to move and explore is essential to infant development.
Activities such as tummy time, working on rolling over and encouraging infants to sit up and reach for objects. Toys, games, cards, singing and music, stuffed animals and puppets, pull and push equipment, discover and develop language, learn to crawl and walk, touching textured materials, exploring the secrets of a mirror, or trying to imitate basic sign language.

At Tiny Amigos Daycare we use art and music through activities like finger painting and shaking maracas to beats. Our infants are encouraged to love nature through walks and spending time outdoors in our private playgrounds.

Our caregivers work collaboratively with parents to ensure consistency with infant's daily schedule. We stimulate attachment, growth, curiosity, confidence and a babies sense of how they fit in the world.

Our curriculum supports infants learning through independance of movement and is designated to stimulate the achievement of milestones.

Our curriculum and materials are interactive to foster the natural curiosity that comes with age.
Our toddlers engage in practical life lessons such as pouring, sorting, matching and cooking.

Toddler activities include pre-reading, vocabulary building, counting, music lessons, singing, dancing and playing rhythm instruments, art projects, Spanish, French, Yoga.
We establish engaging and structured routine that fosters habits of concentration initiative and persistence.

Feel secure knowing that your child is learning and having fun.
Our goal is to meet your family's needs and exceed your expectations.

Our mission is to ensure that our program meets your individual child's emotional, physical and cognitive needs just as effectively as we meet your needs for reliable and dedicated professionalism.

We provide quality care you can count on in an environment that is cozy like home and your child will love.


Tiny Amigos Daycare constructs an inclusive environment with a balance between structured and play based activities that will support the children in their social and academic development. The play based learning experiences will encourage the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth in our children.

In our program your child will engage in many learning opportunities that will enable the students to explore, create, imagine and play.

Preschool activities include music as a foundation for learning in a fun and creative manner. Our programs include free play, music and movement, creative arts, reading, drama, science, math, earth sciences, nature, and languages.

Our goal is to promote learning in an environment of affection, support, encouragement, love and understanding. The brain develops with stimulation and play, pre-schoolers love to pretend play.

Tiny Amigos Daycare caters to your child's curiosity to learn.
Literacy is taught through games, songs and activities. Programs are carefully planned to provide children with an exciting hands-on learning experiences in all areas including math, science, literacy, technology, and the arts.